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It was definitely Rumours of War at Face-Off Wednesday's. Hard-hitting lyrics flew from ear to ear at Club Riddim, raising the bar of what is to come in the weeks ahead as the competition continues through to December 21, 2011. 
The artistes came armed and ready with lyrical ammunition which fired straight through to the end of the night's warfare.
Blazing on the battlefield was Ghetto Billionaire who hails from Portmore piercing lyrical shots against Spontaneous who failed to battle lyrically.
Bemba Stick definitely had the ear of everyone as he clapped lyrics from left to right ripping Caliber that didn't get a chance to fight back.
Excitement spurred for the ladies segment seeing Tassy Wassy and Hyrate attacking their contenders who failed to fire back with hard-hitting lyrics. Hyrate received high ratings with lyrics "gal yuh happiness jus get rob, if mi fi get mi gun and mi figet mi knife mi wi gi you a lick wid mi iron pipe"
The lyrical energy in Club Riddim was so infectious that the lyrically inclined Deva Bratt and lyrical sensation Ryno who were in attendance bolted to the stage popping off heavy lyrical rifles at the Gaza Nation as they referred to the Kartel-led empire.
"Him a sehhh yaeeoowwwwww him need fi tek a country bus guh back a St Thomas guh plant pak chowww," Ryno belted.
While Deva Bratt left many shocked faces when he blurted "dem a tattoo all part a dem den when nuh space nuh lef dem wi mek man tattoo him rear end then."
Following the fiery performances of the night was the judge's decision of who will move on to Round Three of the preliminary stage: Madjesty, GhettoBillionaire , Jinsingh, Tassy Wassy, Money Wedda, Bad Spur, Maestro, Serial Killer, Bemba Stick, Lady Hunter, Unknown, Johnny Dangerous,Poison,Hyrate, Phresh and Black Swade were all selected to continue blazing the lyrical fire in the 'Rumours of War'.
Highlights can be seen on Hype TV and RaggaeSting Facebook page.    

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