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JOP's Deablo recovers from gunshot wound

Posted by G-Mark On 9:10 AM

Deablo - Contributed
Upcoming deejay Deablo, long-standing member of Aidonia's J.O.P camp, says that his life has changed since his near-death experience. The artiste was shot in the back in September, while leaving a club in United States. According to the artiste, the situation is memorable but not in a positive way.
"It is memorable but not in a positive way, it was frightening and challenging but true mi know sey mi have mi family and mi youth, mi know sey mi couldn't die," he said.
The artiste has since recorded a song called Mr Death, which gives a detailed picture of the incident. According to Deablo, the song will settle all curiosity.
"The song was inspired by the incident because a lot of persons were asking about the situation, so I thought that a song would be the best way to answer everybody at once," he said.
The artiste says that his approach to life has not been the same since his experience.
"My life is now different, it's like a next chance at life. I pree life more serious and am doubling my efforts to achieve my goals, mi naah leave nothing fi tomorrow because it nuh promised to nobody," he told THE STAR.
While the artiste is experiencing a steady recovery, his problems may not be over because the bullet is still lodged in his body, he revealed.
"The wound is healed but the spinal cord was chipped, right now am walking good except for a little pain ... the bullet is still inside my back because the doctors said they might interfere with important nerves if they attempt to move it at this point ... but right now it's not really a problem for me, I can't even tell where it is in my body," he said.
According to Deablo, the greatest joy was when he returned to Jamaica and saw his family again after his narrow escape from death.
"I felt so blessed when I saw my family because nuff people don't live to talk about this, my family welcomed me, they were happy to see me and I felt like a newborn,like a I got a second chance at life," he said.
Known as an artiste who does gangster music, Deablo says his content will be modified.
"I will put more thought into what I do. I will still do gangster music but you will definitely hear more positive songs from Deablo," he said.
A video for Mr Death is to be shot in coming weeks by RD Studios. According to the artiste, J.O.P believes that the single has hit potential.
"We are going to go all out with the promotions for this one because we believe in it," he said.
The artiste recently completed a single for J.A Productions on the Rum Fire Rhythm and another featuring his mentor, Aidonia, and fellow J.O.P member Navino called J.O.P Christmas.
"Look out for good music from Deablo, thanks for the support and a positiveness from now on, the takeover is in full gear," he concluded.

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