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Kiprich and Merciless to Clash at Sting?

Posted by G-Mark On 9:50 AM

(l - r ) Isaiah Laing, Merciless, KipRich - File
Long standing dancehall stage show Sting, dubbed 'The Greatest One Night Show On Earth,' promises to have tongues wagging yet again.
With a host of different controversies surfacing in the dancehall arena recently, Isaiah Laing of Supreme Promotions predicts a night of musical warfare hence the theme 'Rumours of War'.
"The buzz is already in the streets. See, THE STAR already hear suh yu can just imagine," he laughed.
According to Laing, who was chilling with his 'war' team member Heavy D at their 'war office', the public is demanding a lyrical battle and as such, this musical war would be delivered.
"Sting has always had a clash to make it Sting. Our best years at Sting we had clashes. The streets are asking for it. Last year, we tried the church thing and it did not work so we are going back to the real Sting, you can't teach an old dog new tricks," he said. Read Full Article at http://theislandvibes.com/profiles/blogs/kiprich-and-merciless-to-clash-at-sting

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