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Bounty Killer has reacted the way he knows best to the Beenie Man's Diss song, with a diss to Beenie Man of course. Here Bounty is saying ...so what if the Tax Authorities took his vehicle ...he doesn't have to associates himself with shocking vibes a tek cock and oil, with shebada, peter king and rupaul. Saying that Beenie was used by Angel.. over the years. With all of this Bounty Killer took the opportunity to take swipe at the World Boss....saying that Gaza abbreviate to border (as in "borderline") that's why the Wold Boss look like lady Gaga.
Anyway I think he did wrong when he took the entire last minute of the tune to do and outro... apart from that this potent enough but I think its below par in comparison to Beenie tune---Beenie diss song seem to have more truths and facts to it.
Check out the New Diss Tune By Bounty Killer targeted at Beenie Man its called called Run In A War [Click link to listen] http://theislandvibes.com/video/bounty-killer-run-inna-war-beenie-idiot-song-counteraction-septem

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